CUstom Orders

We love creating custom orders for your specific needs. All custom orders require full deposit up front. Please allow 6-8 weeks per order. We offer small swatches for bridal ware and fine art pieces at a small fee. Please ask for custom order sheet when emailing. We also cater to clients specific heights/size so please state your desired need in the check out box. Solid white capes will always be priced higher as our materials are more costly so please keep this in mind when placing an order. All custom orders receive a general quote for lead time and are calculated upon deposit, not quote.


Due to the nature of this small business, we do not offer returns. Please email prior to purchasing for any questions to ensure an accurate order. Exchange or store credit considered on unique circumstances.


Rhiannon would also like to express the importance of artisanal objects in an industrialized society. It is a value to the artist to educate clients on the entire meticulous process of weaving and a value to source the finest of materials to design these works of art. Every beautiful item you order comes directly from the artist's hands. Each garment requires minimum 50 hours, all objects of art are made in her studio and are priced accordingly. Rhiannon’s education is in Wabi-Sabi design and this is what draws clients to the work, please keep in mind no two garments or patterns will ever be identical. Thank you for all your considerations with the work.



If your item is a gift with a time sensitivity, please state so in the order and we will do our best to accommodate. Orders ship with UPS or USPS, insurance up too $500 included. Packages over $500 require signature confirmation. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. All packages sent with tracking information in confirmation email.

Woven Care

All of our work is handmade on a floor loom. We recommend hand-wash or dry-clean only. Certain garments are machine washable such as the Stevie Cape in cotton and can be tumbled on low. Please inquire for your specific garment.