Women of Woven Wednesdays

Hello beautiful folk,

What a rich and adventurous this summer has been. My cup is overflowing with creative companionship from all the talented friends I had a chance to visit this season. As the high summer sun starts to wane, I've been dreaming up new possibilities to connect all the creative women in my life and through the web. I'm excited to share up a new woven series on the vast array of talented artisans I've had the pleasure of coming to know and all of those who are waiting to be met. It's time to cull the Woven Woman series.


As the Man Maker series proved to be quite an inspiring opportunity for me ( and there are still 8 more interviews to be divulged), I'm aspiring to tell the story of the other half of the human species as a means of connecting one and all together. In my life of work, creative community is everything, cross pollinating with clients, stores, collectives, shoots, all of it is essential. Here is how you can help.


What I'm seeking for this series:

The woven woman is a highly skilled artisan who is devoted to her craft through and through. This is the primary source of her income and the quality of her work shines like the sun on the most perfect day. It's memorable and it fills your life with your beauty. She is the woman who creates it all by hand. She may be a beader, a weaver, a painter, an analog photographer who develops her imagery, a sculptor, a chef, a baker, a leather worker, a landscaper or anyone else who has an innate connection to her work through her hands. As the series expands, it will be with great honor to highlight all of the incredibly successful designers out there but presently, this project is devoted to the handmade artisan as this is my journey.

Basic requirements:

A curated social media presence, a website so I may send followers somewhere to support, a willingness to share about herself online and a fine eye for her craft. I would absolutely love to welcome my indigenous sisters and my women of color to be in touch as it's time to highlight you.


This post will be made on social media so please refer to the post and thank you all for tagging your friends to help reach all of these women out there. There is only so much ground I can cover with my two eyes and I limit my hours on social media to be a part of the world. 



Stay tuned.


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