Custom Work

Ghost Dancer happily invites custom work for clients, whether jewelry, custom clothing or textile art. Custom pieces will be priced accordingly. Custom orders will commence upon full deposit and a time frame will be set in advance. Ghost Dancer does not allow returns on custom work. 


Ghost Dancer is a hand made collection, designed and made solely by artist Rhiannon Griego. As with the zen nature of Saori style weaving and hand made work, each piece is truly unique and will never be identical. Our garments are designed and adhere strongly to this nature and imperfections are intended to be. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Ghost Dancer is designed with the highest quality of fibers and materials and made to sustain wear within reason. We strive for quality over quantity. If damage arises after purchase, Ghost Dancer will deem if it's fixable and will charge an appropriate fee to fix jewelry/garments. As items are primarily one of a kind and many materials are vintage sourced, there are no returns on any of our items. Thank you for understanding the nature of handmade art and wearable work. All orders are processed and produced within 3-4 weeks of ordering date. If you will be needing a piece in a smaller time frame, we ask that you please contact before ordering as some time frames are busier than others throughout the year. Ghost Dancer is designed mindfully so please wear with care.