Years ago, when I was coming to know Brooklyn day and night, I was introduced to a beautiful boutique that made my heart melt with all it's curated beauty. This store was Beautiful Dreamers and I will never forget the palpitations I had walking in there. One of the pieces that caught my eye immediately, aside from the giant swing in the window with vines growing around it, was a piece of Taiana's work. My eyes were drawn to the strong presence her work held and at this time, I wasn't too acquainted with the artwork of felting. I fell in love and couldn't stop gazing at the textural wonders that had a spirit of both the light and the shadow. Something about them lingered and it was less than a few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting her at an opening at Roseark without even realizing who she was! Some people go starstruck immediately for the celebrity fame, I, on the other hand, can feel my knees go weak and all the goofiness of my soul compensating so I can able to say hello and engage when I meet a designer I respect. TWO of them in fact! . Well, Taiana is absolutely darling and quite easy to converse with. The same for Toree from Fauxtale. Toree has been creating this whimsical head crowns, body harnesses made of porcupine quills and all bits harvested from animals whose lives have passed. Her work is of the Earth and speaks a language of pure appreciation for the found gifts all spirits leave behind. Fauxtale is majestic and enchants you from the get go.. I began to dream up what it would be like to be on a merry go round with Marie Antoinette wearing one of Toree's crowns, flowers dripping down the sides or butterfly collars playing peek a boo. Both of these women truly inspire me and I am grateful we have been given the chance to be surrounded by beautiful, friendly and insanely talented women. Here is the photoshoot they whirled up. All items were pulled from the boutique we all showcase our work in, Roseark. All these items are available there. I am also appreciative of the introduction to this beautiful photographer, Blue Caleel. 


Blue Caleel Photography shot these. Fauxtale headpieces, Ghost Dancer woven dress  and the raven cape on the dreamy Taiana from Taiana Designs. 



The Sand Dune Story

Somewhere long ago, my ancestors must have lived directly upon the sand. Something about sands, tiny grains that may have once been mountains move me like no other substance of earth. The sands of time speak to me so strongly that my work is directly influenced by the palettes, the structures and the way the minute channels it's tiny voice into larger legions of life. With that in mind, anyone coming to know my work will understand why I chose to name so much of the work after sand dunes around the world and why I take refuge in the deserts to create. I've had in my mind for years now to embark on a journey shooting my work, whichever medium speaks to me at that chapter in life, atop the sand dunes around the country. Death Valley offers a few different landmarks of sand dunes and Eureka Dunes has had my name all over it since I first spied their nostalgic beauty in an image. This past April, as the wild flower began to dot the landscape and the winds were still shaking their winter coats off, I ventured alongside a fantastically talented photographer friend and the breath taking model. Ben Renschen, who is an angel riding the tails on a prayer of mine to call in more visually inspiring friends, said yes in a heart beat to this new roadtrip. Melina Drake, a silent and strong woman of Mexican/Choctaw descent, excitedly responded to my call for long dark haired model. She is a woman of the Earth by all means around and an budding photographer. All three of us embarked into the scorching, sandstorm weather of Death Valley for a weekend. Below is what happens when your focus is on making art, unifying in creative vision and releasing yourself 100% to the elements. The sandstorm was intense and it felt like we were all being wind slapped by the spirits of the land. I am the type that gets an idea in mind and won't cease until it's complete so the other two really hard to bare with my head strong nature when it came to climbing the dunes. I could care less about my sun burnt face and my bruised legs, or even the parching that came about when the water bottle trickled low. When I am conjuring spirit, there is no stopping so onward ho we went. I was left breathless by the portal to high heaven art Ben captured. Enjoy. 

Bohemian Diesel

I am such a fan of Bohemian Diesel's curation skill and easy breezy ability to share a tale of hand crafted beauty. A few of my fellow sister designers have been written about on this blog and here is the little post on Ghost Dancer. Here's to the gypsy spirit that resides within all of us wild women, dancing to a different beat from the mainstream projection of beauty.

Here's the link to our story.                            http://bohemiandiesel.com/art-music/art/ghost-dancer



Autumn and Fall Treasures

I often find myself too entranced with work on the loom to take time for a blog post but I find it to be valuable for all those who make their way to the website. Below are many of the one of a kinds, wall hangings and images of the seasons inspirations. Enjoy. 

Ghost Dancer X Free People

Hello darlings,

I have finally released an exclusive I have been working on for sometime. Ghost Dancer is now on Free People! I designed two woven necklaces, a woven bracelet and rebirthed some of my old fancy beaded earrings.. Below you can take a peak! I am also grateful for the opportunity to be highlighted in their Designer Spotlight. X