Ghost Dancer.

"She who dances with Ghosts" is the accurate understanding of the title that best reflects the artist. Time is the focal point and the essence of the nature behind Ghost Dancer. How do we spend our time?  How may I use this gift of time during this lifetime to make the world a more beautiful place? How do we utilize this finite resource to it's fullest capacity during this existence?  These questions provided a platform for the artist to delve into time consuming artwork and a space in which to remind modern folk of the myriad of traditions throughout antiquity that require thoughtful, meticulous and articulate nature to bring forth beauty. What clients and collectors alike are given through this process is in short, Rhiannon's time, her life energy that is harnessed into beautiful matter. 

With a background in jewelry design and Saori Zen Weaving, Rhiannon has been able to express her inner beauty and reflections on her life through these mediums. Each work is a memory of her travels, her fondness for indigenous artwork, sacred adornment and thoughtful interactions upon this Earth. She draws much of her inspiration from art, jewelry, architecture and natural landscapes . " She who dances with Ghosts " is the artists translation for the mystical connection to all those who have come before her. 

The collections are all artist designed and produced. Each artwork is one of a kind and made in a thoughtful manner. All garments are woven in her in-home studio based in Ojai, California and require minimum 40 hours per piece. It's her aspiration to encourage clients and collectors alike to practice consumerism mindfully,  moving into more a slow-fashion based mindset, supporting artisans and honoring the time each item requires.