Rhiannon Griego is the designer behind all Ghost Dancer collections. Her practice as an artist constantly navigates the tenuous boundary between the present moment and the ancient past, between innovation and sacred tradition, between matter and spirit. Griego’s artistic journey began with intricate beading, inspired and influenced by the traditions of indigenous relics and ceremonial regalia of all First Nation's peoples.  These traditional styles have served as guides and jumping-off points, allowing Griego’s own sense of ceremony and sacred adornment to blossom through her designs. 

Rhiannon’s weaving practice draws from her maternal ancestral heritage, the Tohono O’odham tribe, who are proficient basket weavers, and with whom her work is always in conversation. Griego was trained in Japanese Saori weaving, a technique that carries over simple traditional subtleties with a modern, free-spirited sense of beauty, fluidity and creativity. Saori’s free form, Zen-based weaving style has enabled Rhiannon to develop her own, uniquely spirited woven identity. Her style therefore reflects both the joy of creation and the rituals of mythic adornment. Weaving has become her daily moving meditation. Rhiannon’s artistic background also includes an on going mentorship with a master sculptor, where she continues to study the manipulation of rock, wax and clay. This training helps her cultivate an earthen and three-dimensional sensibility that comes through in all of her work. 

Ghost Dancer is not only a line of jewelry and woven textiles—it is also a sacred invocation of the natural world and its cycles of life and death. Ghost Dancer collections are informed by the philosophy of indigenous art—that objects are expressions of metaphysical truth as well as manifestations of tactile beauty. Each creation is made with spirit and with attention to fine detail—both of weft and of world—reminding us that we are each woven into the web of life, and that textiles made with old-fashioned care can ground us in our common humanity. Such works of functional art help us to see the true capacity of the human soul and hands, when left free to create without the interventions of modern technology.

 Feminine grace and attention to the beautiful changes of each day are hallmarks of the Ghost Dancer collections. Each piece is a new expression of an old truth—that we can wear our prayers on our bodies, that artwork is alive—and the time we commit to our work is art itself.  The name Ghost Dancer came to Rhiannon in a dream, and honors all those who have gone before and paved the way with threads and songs and beautiful care. It is an offering of both the timeless and the evanescent.